In 1979, St. Luke's Hospital and the Roosevelt Hospital, which is now known as Mount Sinai West, merged to form the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center (SLRHC). In 1997, SLRHC became a part of Continuum Health Partners, a hospital network also including Beth Israel Medical Center and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Continuum Health Partners merged with the Mount Sinai Medical Center in 2013 to form the Mount Sinai Health System.

This Repository community contains records generated jointly by St. Luke's and Roosevelt/MS West. It may include historical records produced by SLRHC during its period of independence (1979-1997) and its participation as a unit of Continuum Health Partners (1997-2013), but it consists primarily of electronic records postdating the 2013 merger which reflect the continuing legal and functional association of the two hospitals.

For records generated exclusively by St. Luke's or by Roosevelt/West, including scanned historical material predating their 1979 merger, visit their separate Repository communities:

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