Abraham Jacobi, MD is known as "the Father of American Pediatrics." He was born in Germany in 1830 and emigrated to the United States in 1853 following his participation in the 1848 German Revolution. In 1860 he became the first Professor of Pediatrics in the United States when he was appointed to this post at the New York Medical College. He established the first free children’s clinic there, to help with his teaching. (He later moved to the faculty of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.) In 1860 Jacobi also joined the staff of The Jews’ Hospital in New York, known after 1866 as The Mount Sinai Hospital. Here he established the first pediatric department in a general hospital in New York City. He remained on Mount Sinai’s staff until his death in 1919, serving as President of the Medical Board from 1884-1919. Dr. Jacobi was also associated with the German Hospital (later Lenox Hill) for many years and several specialty children’s hospitals. He served as President of the New York State Medical Society, the American Pediatric Society (of which he was a founder), the American Climatologic Society, and the American Medical Association (1912-1913).

This Digital Repository collection brings together scanned copies of Dr. Jacobi's correspondence from two separate sources. Fourteen letters in the collection of the Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia are reproduced here with the permission of the Library. Details regarding the original collection are available at the Historical Medical Library's website. An additional eleven letters in the collection of the Arthur H. Aufses, Jr. MD Archives at Mount Sinai have also been scanned.

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